Blue Fuego by Strait A Genetics

Blue Fuego is a relaxing hybrid that was original bred by Strait A Genetics. Cultivated as a cross between Bluetopia and Fire OG, this strain maintains the high THC concentration and cerebral high of both its parent strains. The terpene profile of Blue Fuego is extremely distinct – notes of a mild diesel-like fuel blend with earthier berry tones to create a sweet and pungent aroma and flavour. With THC percentages that regularly soar north of 25%, Blue Fuego is a debilitating strain that is praised by both medicinal and recreational users alike. The cerebral, mellow high is described as being very euphoric, relaxing and long-lasting. Much like Bluetopia, Blue Fuego provides users with an upbeat wave of euphoria, while its’ Fire OG parentage gives it a mellow and relaxing properties. This AAAA+ craft strain has become legendary for its’ outstanding physical properties, including tremendous THC concentration, flavour and unique terpene profile. Users can expect a subtle vanilla-like creaminess with an earthy kush-like gassyness – mix in a refreshing fruitiness similar to Jack Herer’s and you get a terpene powerhouse. She’s the result of new age genetics and tons of love and care and one of few newcomers that have proved themselves worthy of craft cannabis status.

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