Sherbacio by Alien Labs

Sherbacio by Alien Labs is a decadent and exotic indica strain that is taking over craft-cannabis dispensaries on the West Coast by storm. This Californian beauty was created as a cross between Leafly’s 2018 Strain of the Year and everybody’s favourite, Gelato and the sweet Sunset Sherbert. The name Sherbacio comes from a combination between the words Sherbert and the self-indulgent italian dessert named ‘bacio’ which is a gelato made from chocolates and hazelnuts. The aforementioned flavours give it a very unique terpene profile for which it has become known. This frosty indica provides users with a deep and pleasant high that can be attributed to its’ magnificent THC levels that usually fall around 21.5%! As an indica strain, this cross between Gelato and Sunset Sherbert is applauded for its’ profoundly relaxing body high and physically soothing effects but what makes it special is that it also provides users with an acute and uplifting cerebral high without the mind-numbing buzz of most indicas. Sherbacio is a highly blessed strain that inherited an impeccable terpene profile from its’ star-studded genetics. The aroma and flavour of Sherbacio is defined by its base notes of sweet grapes and tart citrus similar to Sunset Sherbert, with the distinctive earthy tones of vanilla and hazelnuts from its’ Gelato parentage.

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