7G Waltz Premium Flower Jars – Sativa


Discover the pinnacle of cannabis excellence with our 7g jars of sheer brilliance at WALT HERB CO. We take pride in our legendary genetics, masterful curing process, and unmatched quality found in every jar. Each hand-trimmed bud offers a divine experience, meticulously crafted to enhance your ultimate pleasure. Elevate your cannabis indulgence to unprecedented levels with our extraordinary 7g jars—where greatness awaits your discovery!

Animal Face:
Immerse yourself in the untamed allure of Animal Face, where clusters of buds unfurl in hues reminiscent of a savage landscape, blending deep forest greens and fiery orange hairs, accentuated by glistening trichomes. Prepare for an exhilarating sensory journey with its potent aroma—a dynamic blend of tangy citrus and earthy pine, infused with hints of diesel that invigorate the senses, promising an experience as thrilling as it is invigorating. As the sovereign ruler of raw intensity, Animal Face bestows upon its admirers an experience that transcends the ordinary, evoking visions of sun-ripened citrus and ancient forests cloaked in mist. In the realm of effects, it reigns supreme, unleashing a primal surge of energy and euphoria while soothing tired muscles and inviting tranquility. Beyond its rugged aroma and invigorating effects, Animal Face is a healer, offering solace to those seeking respite from modern life’s chaos, guiding on a transformative journey of self-discovery and enlightenment. Cultivating Animal Face is a sacred quest, demanding reverence and dedication, each bud attaining unparalleled potency and extraordinary quality. Embrace its untamed majesty, but heed the warning: this strain commands respect and mindfulness, transporting you to a realm where cannabis mastery meets unbridled wilderness.
THC: 28 – 30% | CBD: 1.3 – 1.8% | 30% INDICA : 70% SATIVA

Afghan Bullrider
Embark on a mythical expedition into creative serenity with Afghan Bullrider, a strain captivating cannabis enthusiasts with its intriguing origins and potent effects. Originating in San Diego before captivating the West Coast, Afghan Bullrider’s appearance is a visual delight, featuring light green buds adorned with fiery orange hairs, creating a mesmerizing contrast. Its sweet and sour aroma accompanied by refreshing piney freshness adds to its allure. In the realm of effects, Afghan Bullrider is a heavy hitter, offering cerebral stimulation and physical relaxation without inducing sleepiness. It enhances creative thoughts and inspires innovation, making it ideal for artists and thinkers seeking tranquility amidst chaos. Cultivated with care, each bud carries the legacy of this legendary strain, inviting you to an enchanting expedition where creativity flourishes, stress fades, and serenity paints your world.
THC: 29 – 31% | CBD: 2.2 – 2.8% | 75% INDICA : 25% SATIVA

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