Herb Angels 250mg CBD Isolate Immunity Capsules

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Give your immune system an extra boost with this powerful blend of CBD and Vitamin C. Each capsule contains 10 mg of 100% pure CBD crystal isolate, extracted from industrial hemp to guarantee that there is no THC present. Reap the benefits today – don’t let your body’s defenses be weakened by a lack of support! CBD capsules and Vitamin C are the perfect duo to promote good health, possibly even helping to ward off a multitude of medical issues. With scientific evidence revealed for both CBD and Vitamin C’s amazing benefits, their synergy can provide relief from inflammation – which is one of the most common causes of disease. By combining these two super ingredients, you’ll be on your way to better wellness in no time!

Moreover, the combination of Vitamin C and CBD is beneficial for our skin in a variety of ways. By starting from the inside, your outer appearance can be better prepared to deal with daily environmental stressors. Herb Angels, an esteemed Canadian cannabis research company offers each box containing ten capsules, which have 10 mg of CBD per capsule- totaling 100 mg – as well as 990mg of Vitamin C – ultimately boosting your body’s immunity!

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