Romeo Afghan Hash – Indica


The Romeo Afghan Hash is a superior import that will leave you mesmerized! It boasts an impressive dark brown outer layer, with a plush malleable texture for flawless workability. Our specialized team handled this premium hash delicately to guarantee its superb fragrant quality and pliability, while also developing it with the ideal humidity level to ensure maximum THC content. Romeo Afghan Hash is the perfect balance of sweet and earthy flavor, delicately infused with subtle woody notes. Enjoy its nuanced taste for yourself – purchase it now at our online store!

Popular in Afghanistan, Romeo Afghan hash (hashish) is crafted all over the country with its most superior form originating from northern provinces situated between the Hindu Kush and Russia’s border. Hash production has become almost a tradition of sorts; it can be found virtually everywhere throughout this region.

The effects of Romeo Afghan Hash are often described as hypnotic and provide a distinct physical sensation. It is best experienced when combined with marijuana or inhaled through a pipe, but can be underestimated due to its short-lived high which only lasts roughly 5 minutes; practice caution while indulging, always start small and increase the dosage gradually!

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