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Since marijuana became legalized in Canada, home delivery services have become a popular way for enthusiasts to get their favorite products. This not only offers convenience but also new flavors, strains, and products that many people have come to love. With the legalization of weed came an inevitable increase in demand that has, likewise, been met with an increased supply. These days, you can find plenty of online dispensaries set up all over Canada by various suppliers. Two such notable examples are Uberweed and Quadzilla.

Though mail order dispensaries boast many advantages, they also have some disadvantages. One such con is that the influx of products and sellers has left people uncertain of what to buy. Every day new variants and flavors come out, leaving cannabis beginners and enthusiasts alike feeling overwhelmed. With so many businesses each claiming to provide the best experience, it’s hard for customers to know which one is actually trustworthy.

What cannabis enthusiasts all over the country crave is someone who can offer reliable and objective advice. Someone who can help them identify which marijuana dispensaries are worth visiting, and which ones should be avoided.

Our goal is to compare the top dispensaries with each other by features such as prices, product quality, product ranges, promotions, and shipping in order to find out who the best online cannabis sellers in Canada are.

Today, we will be comparing the differences between Uberweed and Quadzilla.

delivery - What happened to Quadzilla Cannabis? - UberweedShop Comparison
Quadzilla weed - What happened to Quadzilla Cannabis? - UberweedShop Comparison

What Do You Have to Know about Quadzilla Cannabis Delivery?

At Quadzilla, they offer a wide range of cannabis strains and CBD products that are shipped right to your doorstep. They believe in holistic methods as a way to naturally heal various conditions.

For now, only Canadian residents can take advantage of this top-quality dispensary that sources its products from licensed producers in British Columbia.

Nevertheless, one of the best aspects of Quadzilla that separates them from their competitors is that they don’t require a medical prescription to purchase their products. Their great pricing and customer service reputation are par for the course as well.

What Users Say about Product Quality UBERWEED vs. Quadzilla

It’s crucial to evaluate and compare the products of our competitors to guarantee that customers are getting their money’s worth. Our job is to help them find a store with quality items at an affordable price that meets their needs. To efficiently do this, we will take into account the feedback from customers who have purchased both Uberweed and Quadzilla’s products.

Although Quadzilla is a new site, they already have customer ratings and reviews for their products. Most of their ratings are 4- and 5-stars, which means that customers were satisfied with the quality. However, none of the products had more than 10 reviews but this number will increase over time as they become more established.

In other words, even though some people think Quadzilla’s quality is up to par, we can’t be one-hundred percent positive yet. That’s because the type of people who usually go to new stores are inexperienced when it comes to buying weed–not the best judges of quality. So, we have to wait for some more experienced smokers try it out before rendering a verdict on their product.

At Uberweed, we noticed that their site has a star-based review and rating system. Their products consistently get full 5/5 ratings, with many having more than 100 customer reviews–and nearly all of them being positive. What this shows is that Uberweed only provides customers with the best quality products. For example, one product reviewer wrote:

After a tiring day, this drink is perfect for relaxing with its sublime taste and calming effects.

Weed Delivery And Mail Order Marijuana

At Uberweed Cannabis, we can help you find anything related to marijuana that you need. Whether you’re looking for a physical cannabis store, an online dispensary, or delivery service, we have got you covered. We are a leading marijuana delivery company that was created by people who are passionate about the cannabis community. Our goal is to provide a helpful meeting point for both first-time and experienced smokers alike, where they can come to fulfill all of their weed-related needs.

Uberweed is a company that specializes in different medical cannabis strains. With many options to choose from, our weed specialists have selected some of the best quality marijuana for you. At Uberweed, we want everyone to enjoy the experience whether it’s traditional buds or not- so we also offer an array of edibles, vape pens, and concentrates!

At Uberweed, the quality of our weed is unrivaled, and we ship for free on orders over $80. Our stores are located in Mississauga, Toronto, Oakville, Brampton, Milton – to name a few – making it easy and convenient to get your hands on our product. And if you’re not near one of our locations or would prefer mail order delivery – again, don’t worry! We ship across Canada so everyone can enjoy our products.

At our dispensary, you’ll find a wide variety of cannabis strains–some of which cannot be found at other stores. Our offerings are hand-picked and carefully curated to serve patients with all types of lifestyles. If you’re not a fan of straight weed, don’t worry! We have an edible selection, vape pens, and concentrates that will surely make you happy.


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