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Apple Fritter – Sativa

1g ($10.00)
3.5g ($35.00)
7g ($60.00)
14g ($100.00)
28g ($180.00)
QP (4OZ) ($384.00)
HP (8OZ) ($672.00)
POUND (16OZ) ($1,248.00)
1/8oz (3.5g) ($20.00)
1/4oz (7g) ($35.00)
1/2oz (14g) ($65.00)
1oz (28g) ($120.00)
1/16oz (1g) ($10.00)


Captain Chronic – Sativa BULK

QP (4OZ) ($384.00)
HP (8OZ) ($672.00)
POUND (16OZ) ($1,248.00)
1/8oz (3.5g) ($20.00)
1/4oz (7g) ($35.00)
1/2oz (14g) ($65.00)
1oz (28g) ($120.00)
1/16oz (1g) ($10.00)
1 gram ($10.00)
3.5 grams ($25.00)
7 grams ($50.00)
14 grams ($85.00)
28 grams ($150.00)
QP (4OZ) ($480.00)
HP (8OZ) ($840.00)
POUND (16OZ) ($1,560.00)
1g ($17.00)
3.5g ($40.00)
7g ($75.00)
14g ($130.00)
28g ($240.00)
14g ($60.00)
28g ($100.00)


Heat Wave – Sativa BULK

QP (4OZ) ($320.00)
HP (8OZ) ($560.00)
POUND (16OZ) ($1,040.00)
1/8oz (3.5g) ($20.00)
1/4oz (7g) ($35.00)
1/2oz (14g) ($65.00)
1oz (28g) ($120.00)
1/16oz (1g) ($10.00)


Kandy Kush – Sativa BULK

QP (4OZ) ($384.00)
HP (8OZ) ($672.00)
POUND (16OZ) ($1,248.00)

Order Sativa Cannabis Online in Toronto

Cannabis sativa flourishes in the tropical habitats of Southeast Asia and Central/South America, where it is known to be native.

If you’re seeking an exciting and imaginative journey, sativa is the perfect selection. Unfortunately, it can cause anxiety in a few cases. Fortunately though, this variety of cannabis offers plenty of therapeutic advantages too such as relief from depression, migraines or anorexia due to its higher THC levels than CBD. Sativa will provide your mind with inspiration while still offering soothing medicinal benefits! Don’t let this opportunity pass you by! Get your hands on the finest sativa strains available at Uberweedshop’s online cannabis store today! Though some sativa strains can be invigorating, they may also have the opposite outcome in certain cases. Moreover, not all indica species are equal; while some will provide mild effects, others could make a more potent impact.

The term “sativa” is regularly used to describe cannabis products that elicit an invigorating and focused sensation. However, recent research has unveiled far more intricate effects of marijuana than just categorizing them according to sativas or  indica. Sativas fuel enthusiasm while  indica are renowned for their calming properties – a combination that makes marijuana use even more special! If you’re looking for a top-shelf sativa flower, check out Uberweedshop’s cannabis delivery in Toronto! Cannabis sativa cultivars possess remarkable thin and lengthy fan leaves, with as many as 13 fingers, that require extended flowering times to reach their full potential. In warm climates, these plants can grow up to a towering 12 feet in the span of one season when left untouched!

Benefit of Sativa

Looking for an easy way to boost creativity, reduce stress and depression while improving focus? Sativa strains are the perfect solution! With a single dose of these powerful plant-based remedies, you can experience improved mental clarity and enhanced moods. Give them a try today and start feeling your best tomorrow! Treat yourself to the highest quality sativa cannabis now with our convenient weed delivery services! These one-of-a-kind cannabis varieties enhance mood-lifting effects that will surely give you the drive needed to tackle any job or trial.

What is sativa?

Cannabis connoisseurs often link the sativa strain to an invigorating, cerebral high. Whereas indica is seen as a calming body effect. Companies in this industry take advantage of these stereotypes and use them to market their products; but usually they don’t match up with reality – just like when people mistakenly believe an indica will give off particular effects which it doesn’t actually provide. In actuality, modern cannabis plants have no direct relationship with either type of classification technique. Get the best of both worlds by shopping our selection of premium sativa strains here at Uberweedshop online weed dispensary! On a practical level, terms like sativa and  indica can be particularly useful in agricultural processes.

It’s easy to recognize the structure of a plant based on its physical attributes – Sativas usually have taller, thinner stalks with thin leaves while Indicas are typically shorter and bushier with broader foliage. In addition, Sativa tend to have a longer flowering period of around 100 days, while Indicas typically mature more rapidly. Taking advantage of that knowledge has never been easier than now with weed delivery Uberweedshop: all residents aged 19+ can easily order the best marijuana in Toronto! With this valuable knowledge at hand, farmers can make informed decisions that lead to higher yields and successful harvests.

Taxonomic history

It all began in 1548, when William Turner first coined the phrase “Cannabis sativa” to describe hemp that was farmed and cultivated. Subsequently, Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus viably separated this plant into its own species by referencing it with a Latin word for cultivating – “sativa”. Then thirty years later, French biologist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck discovered Cannabis indica – forever cementing the difference between cannabis sativa & indica as we know them today. Since then this taxonomy has been largely accepted and remains unchallenged until now. Don’t miss out on these amazing offers – shop from the convenience of your own home! Lamarck’s identification of cannabis indica was founded on detecting physical features that were dissimilar to its Linnaeus equivalent, cannabis sativa; such as thinner dark green leaves and more intricate branching. Experience the power of premium sativa from Uberweedshop, your go-to online cannabis store near me. Additionally, he noted that the intoxicating strength of indica exceeded that of sativa – this is one of the oldest works connecting a plant’s effects with its species.

In 1974, American biologist Richard Evans Schultes made an incredible contribution to botany by introducing the term “Cannabis Indica” for Afghani plants. This essential distinction from Cannabis Sativa allowed us to reliably differentiate between varieties based on geographic location. Anderson later followed suit and classified Afghan specimens as indica while labeling Indian vegetation sativa – further solidifying this revolutionary act of discovery.

Despite the fact that numerous countries maintain Cannabis sativa as the only species of cannabis, there remains some uncertainty concerning if indica should be considered a distinct subspecies. Consumers are sure to find both sativas and indicas available at Uberweedshop cannabis dispensary – a shop with an incomparable selection of high-grade marijuana. With Toronto weed delivery service, you can get your desired item without leaving the comfort of your home!

What is the difference between an indica and a sativa?

Knowing the physical characteristics and growth patterns of cannabis sativa and indica plants is a surefire way for farmers to manage their crops correctly.

It’s a cinch to differentiate between Sativas and Indicas, simply by observing their growth patterns. While Sativas usually expand tall with thin leaves taking up to 100 days until they reach total ripeness, on the other hand indicas mature in only 45-65 days. With Proof being highly competent, I have experienced incredible improvements on my opt-in forms and sales pages giving me more freedom to concentrate on the rest of my business operations.

Common uses

Did you know that Cannabis sativa is an invaluable resource with multiple purposes? From nourishing bird feed to hemp seed oil and lacquers, this plant has it all. Not only that, but its psychoactive cannabinoids found in the leaves, flowers and fruits can be used for recreational or spiritual activities when inhaled through smoking or vaporizing! Whether consuming marijuana or hashish, these marvelous effects are available to us!

For thousands of years, ancient societies have utilized teas and tinctures to preserve health. India has a lengthy history with Cannabis sativa as an effective natural remedy — it is known for its anti-inflammatory, hypnotic, analgesic and hallucinogenic properties. Buy weed online easily and conveniently by using Uberweedshop’s weed delivery service! Moreover, the combination of cannabinoids with terpenes creates what’s known as the “entourage effect”, which grants medical marijuana research remarkable potential due to its beneficial qualities in addition to delightful flavor profile. To stand out from the competition in this industry, many businesses have highlighted their products’ taste profiles to attract customers. For this reason, organizations are increasingly looking into diversifying their selection with an array of terpenoids added to new formulations. Sativa plants are easily identifiable due to their tall stature and bright-green leaves that require a long period of warm temperatures for flowering; additionally, landrace cultivars possess higher concentrations of THCA than CBDA.

For the past half a century, breeders have been increasingly focusing on cross breeding cannabis plants, making it difficult to find truly pure sativa or indica strains. Therefore, when we classify certain strains as “indica” or “sativa,” what we are in essence referring to is their general leaning towards either side of the Sativa/Indica continuum.

What are the effects of a sativa?

For cannabis cultivators, the sativa/indica taxonomy may be useful but it does little to inform consumers of the effects a certain plant will have. Over time and with human meddling, the exact chemical makeup of cannabis has greatly diverged from what Linnaeus and Lamarck observed centuries ago when there was more consistency in physical traits relating to specific outcomes. Unfortunately as it is, nowadays one can no longer rely on outward appearance alone to determine which results they might experience from their chosen strain.

Is sativa an upper?

In the medical and science fields, Cannabis Sativa and Indica have been long-held to provide different effects – energizing for Sativa and calming for Indicas. However, Dr Ethan Russo – a renowned psychopharmacology researcher in cannabinoid research – asserts that there is no real difference between them as he shares in his interview with “Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research”. With absolute assurance, he declared: “the sativa/indica distinction as commonly applied in the lay literature is complete nonsense”.

Contrary to the misconceptions out there, the effects of cannabis are largely determined not by its genetics but rather by each strain’s individual chemical makeup. For example, a landrace sativa grown in special conditions may express an exclusive set of compounds that can offer stimulating results.

Additionally, the way we respond to cannabis is shaped by our individual endocannabinoid systems. As such, two different people will have varying experiences with the same strain of marijuana depending on its cannabinoid profile and how their personal body chemistry interacts with it. For instance, one person could feel calm after smoking a sativa strain while another may be invigorated–this difference exemplifies how each individual’s response can vary due to this unique connection between them and the plant.

Once you set foot inside your local dispensary, it’s extremely likely for the products to be labeled as sativa, indica or hybrid. The growth of hybrids in cannabis culture is a clear indication that the promotion behind this product has become more precise and reliable; all cultivars are indeed hybrids after all!

What Are the Characteristics of Sativa?

If you’ve ever wondered what sets sativa and  indica apart, the answer may surprise you. Sativas are known for their slender, tall plants, but what effects do they have? While it can be difficult to find a straightforward response at first glance, with further investigation one can uncover the distinct qualities that make sativa so special within all kinds of cannabis strains.

For a long time, it was thought that Sativas gave energizing effects and Indicas provided a soothing effect. However, after more detailed research, the truth came to light: Cannabis sativa is the only form of marijuana! There are no differences between them or their purported impacts.

Searching for the best marijuana in Toronto to meet your desires can be an intimidating task. To get the most out of your purchase, pay attention to more than just its indica, sativa or  hybrid type – consider its terpenes, cannabinoids and flavonoids as well. Doing a bit of research ahead of time will help you enjoy the ideal effect from any variety that you decide on!

 What Are the Popular Sativa Strains?

Sifting through countless sativa hybrids can be confusing, but no need to fret – we’ve got you! If a pure landrace sativa strain is your fancy, then this list of the best sativa in Toronto will certainly delight. Without further ado, feast your eyes on our selection of top-notch cannabis:

 Durban Poison


Originating from the coastal south African city of Durban, this timeless landrace sativa has been a well-renowned pleasure for cannabis critics. The trichome-laden buds produce amazing flowers and concentrates that will take you to another dimension! With an astonishing 24% THC levels, it is critical to approach with caution when picking up your local dispensary’s offering of Durban Poison—moderate yourself as this legendary OG sativa packs quite a punch!

 Acapulco Gold


Highly sought after and notoriously difficult to obtain, Acapulco Gold is a marijuana strain originating in Mexico’s picturesque city of Acapulco. If you’re lucky enough to live within North America’s temperate regions, your chances of getting some increase significantly! With its unmistakable golden-hued buds offering THC levels between 19%-24%, it offers the perfect balance between intense flavor and potency. So don’t forget to remain mindful while indulging – too much can be overwhelming!



Dive into the realm of cannabis and discover Jamaican landrace, a range of diverse landraces flourishing from coast to coast. You’ll be astonished by its mountain-sized green buds with minty undertones while you encounter an unmistakable skunky yet sweet aroma. With THC concentrations ranging between 13% – 21%, in combination with moderate CBD levels (10%), this strain will provide you with an exhilarating experience without overpowering your senses. Buy marijuana online for a much more enhancing cannabis adventure!

 How Do You Ingest Sativa?

If you’re looking for Sativa products, there’s no shortage of options—from edibles and flower to concentrates, oils, beverages, tinctures and more. However, keep in mind that certain items such as canned cannabis drinks are not classified into sativa/indica/ hybrid categories any longer. At Uberweedshop, we proudly offer mail order marijuana to Toronto and all Canadian provinces – including British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and beyond. That said, the range of Sativa-based alternatives remains expansive so whatever your preference may be – it won’t take long before you find something ideal!

For an entirely unique and enhanced sativa experience, one with all its cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids – and not just the singular cannabinoid THC isolate – it is wise to opt for cannabis flower consumption methods. This way you’ll get the full impact of sativa adventures like never before.


As cannabis advances and research continues to develop, customers are becoming increasingly informed of terpene and cannabinoid profiles. This insight has made them pickier when it comes time for choosing a product. With the increasing complexity regarding this plant, educating consumers will only add refinement and security in their decision-making process.

Doctor Ethan Russo MD explains that the effects of a cannabis cultivar on consumers can’t be predicted based on its physical shape or cannabinoid content; rather, it is dependent upon the terpene levels. For instance, if there are significant limonene concentrations present in a strain, an individual can expect to experience an elevating mood regardless if it’s Sativa-dominant or Indica-dominant.

Consumers are often confused by the terms Sativa and Indica, so we must strive to create a classification system that better helps them understand what they’re buying. It is critical to keep in mind though that sativas do not always provide the effects advertised. Let’s build on existing knowledge and make sure all customers are aware of exactly what they can expect from their purchases!

Sativa FAQs

If you’re wondering about the contrast between  indica and sativa marijuana, look no further! We’ve got answers to all your most frequent questions right here!

Is there a difference between indicas and sativas?

Indicas and Sativas are not just mere scientific words – they provide an insight into the dynamic nature of cannabis plants.  indica varieties provide a soothing sensation that can make you feel drowsy, while sativa breeds stimulate energy to help foster motivation or creativity.

Do sativas give you energy?

While there is no scientific research to verify if sativas truly offer energy, some consumers have reported feeling a heightened level of elation after consuming these particular varieties.

Does sativa give you a body high?

It is commonly acknowledged that sativas have a stimulating effect on the body and mind; however, it’s important to remember that individual responses may vary due to different biological makeup.

Do sativas give you the munchies?

Depending on your physiology, Sativa strains may trigger an intense craving for food – otherwise known as “the munchies” – that can be difficult to satisfy.

Will sativas keep you up at night?

Sativas are notorious for providing an energy surge, which can make it difficult to doze off after indulging. However, this is highly subjective as everyone has a different body chemistry! Therefore, there isn’t one universal answer – you must try various options and find out what works best for your specific needs.