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Whitby is located in the centre of Ontario’s Durham region; around 48 kilometres east of Toronto. The town dates back to 1855, but today is a suburb of the Greater Toronto Area.

The location of the town means that there is plenty to see and do, not only within Whitby itself, but also outside of the town. Still, it is not often visited by tourists, though it does have a lot of charm.

There are historic streets, nature, green spaces and cultural sites just waiting to be discovered.

The area was first known as Perry’s Corners after Peter Perry, an early settler. It was also known as Windsor but was renamed Whitby in 1848 after a seaside town in Yorkshire, England. Whitby was made the county town for Ontario County in 1852 and was incorporated as a town in 1855. In 1968, the former town of Whitby and township of Whitby amalgamated in to form a new municipality. When the County of Ontario was dissolved in 1974, Whitby became one of eight area municipalities in the new Regional Municipality of Durham.

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Do you need weed now? Why not order some quality marijuana and get it delivered near you in Whitby Ontario. iIt’s just as easy as ordering a pizza, but sometimes quicker. Cannabis delivery has the best same day marijuana delivery services listed. Including weed delivery ordering information you need to get fast and reliable home delivery.

It’s worth noting that individuals younger than 19 are not permitted to possess, purchase, or use Cannabis. This regulation is predicated on the fact that children aren’t considered developers enough to control their urge for the drug. Additionally, a child’s brain doesn’t need any psychoactive drug to complicate brain development during those years.

However, despite the legalization of Cannabis for adults, misuse of the substance can bring you unwanted legal complications. For example, it is considered impaired driving if you proceed to drive a vehicle after using Cannabis.

Things to do in Whitby

Whitby is a unique town, although small, there are certainly plenty of things to do in Whitby. Whether you’re enjoying a romantic break with your partner or enjoying a summer seaside break with the kids, there are plenty of activities and attractions to keep you occupied during your visit.

Discover the city centre

Downtown Whitby is not big, but has much to offer. The area has a lovely village like feel to it, complete with some true architectural gems. It is a charming area of the town that features an eclectic mix of businesses. It is also one of the best places in the city to shop for unique items.

Visit a museum

Lynde House Museum is a historic mansion that today is a fabulous museum. It was one of the first homes to ever be built in the town and today is one of its major attractions. The mansion is now a museum that is open to the public. Wander around the rooms and see what life was like in the 1800s.

Get haunted by ghosts

Some say that the Whitby Centennial Building is haunted. In fact, the first ghost sightings apparently took place in 1873! The old courthouse was built between 1852 and 1854 by prominent architects Frederick Cumberland and Wallace Storm. It served as a trial court from the day it opened until 1964. The heritage building is now a theatre, a banquet facility and home to local archives. Today, it is one of the town’s most significant historical and architectural landmarks.

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