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Difference Between Distillate & Rick Simpson Oil Overview

THC distillates can be taken orally, sublingually, or through the transdermal application. They can also be vaporized and inhaled (e.g. dabbing).

RSO should only be consumed orally, and it is a full-spectrum product, which means that there are many cannabinoids in the product. These include CBD, THC, CBG, CBN, etc. RSO stands out because it is not isolated like distillates.

Using Distillate Products in Canada

Smoking distillate employs the same method as smoking shatter.

A dab rig is the most common way to consume distillate, with a dab rig being the most popular form of smoking apparatus. A dab rig resembles a bong and includes a vertical chamber as well as a mouthpiece and a hole for inserting a tiny glass nail/banger.

Use a blowtorch to heat up the nail until it turns red. Then, use a metal dabber to scoop up some distillate and apply it onto the nail. The oil will combust immediately, creating a dense plume of smoke that you can inhale through the rig. Dab rigs are by far the best way to smoke shatter, but you could also roll them into joints, “hot knife” them, or smoke them in pipes or vaporizers.

A hot knife is a term used to describe the process of eating cannabis. Two knives, or any other similarly shaped, flat, metal object, are heated to the point of bright red heat using this technique. This is typically done on a stove's burner but can also be accomplished with a blow torch or other source of fire.

Distillate & RSO Edibles

If you want to have a good time with edibles, go slow at first. This is especially crucial when working with homemade edibles since they can be hard to dose. You could make edibles using concentrates like distillate or RSO, but our pre-made edibles are much simpler to get accurate dosages from.

Where to Buy Distillate & RSO in Canada

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The Alchemist 1mL THC Distillate Syringe


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Distillate & Rick Simpson Oil

Buy THC Distillate & RSO at Online Dispensary Canada

THC Distillate Canada and Rick Simpson Oil: Cannabis oil distillate and Rick Simpson Oil may be the ideal solution for you if you want the cleanest, clearest, and most powerful cannabis concentrate available on the market.

Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is a groundbreaking cannabis oil made by a Canadian medical marijuana proponent. Possessing an incredibly high THC content, RSO’s potency far surpasses other oils accessible in the market today, rendering it invaluable for those searching for relief from their health issues.

Despite the lack of scientific data to support its claims, Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) has been hailed as a potential cancer symptom reliever. Through all the relentless law enforcement pressure he endured, Simpson never wavered from his commitment to helping others. Now that marijuana is legal in Canada, Simpson and everyone else backing RSO can breathe easier while conducting their research. Luckily for Canadians living in Toronto, Uberweedshop is proud to offer some of the RSO available in a cannabis dispensary near me  through our weed delivery! This article will provide you with comprehensive information about this powerful healing remedy – so you can be fully informed about what it entails!

Who Is Rick Simpson?

In 1997, Rick Simpson faced an incredibly perilous job: trying to cover boiler pipes with duct tape in a hospital while inhaling toxic aerosol glue fumes. As he descended from the ladder, his dizziness caused him to lose balance and hit his head. Luckily, medical assistance arrived swiftly and after some hours of being monitored in the hospital, he was sent home for recovery. However it is necessary to keep in mind that this biography is based on testimonies told by those who had interacted closely with Simpson or heard about him through others’ stories.

Desperately hoping this experience would be a one-time occurrence, he went back to his job. Unfortunately, the episodes kept coming back with greater intensity and frequency each time until he heard a constant ringing noise in his ears – tinnitus. At Uberweedshop, we provide same day weed delivery services to customers 19 and older so they can get their distillate and Rick Simpson oil in a jiffy! After trying ineffective medications that only enhanced some of Simpson’s symptoms rather than relieving them; luck struck when he stumbled upon a documentary on television which revealed the potential of medical marijuana as an aid after one year of battling dizziness and ringing ears.

Looking for Alternatives

Simpson disregarded his doctor’s initial skepticism and decided to take a risk with medical marijuana as an unconventional way of treating himself – after traditional medicine proved ineffective. The relief he felt was immediate and extraordinary, however soon this moment of joy came crumbling down when three bumps on Simpson’s arm in 2003 caused concern. After consulting the physician and having a biopsy done, it became clear: Simpson had basal cell carcinoma – skin cancer. Order distillate and Rick Simpson Oil online at the Uberweedshop weed dispensary today! Committed to discovering an alternate option outside of traditional medicinal treatments, he decided that cannabis was the answer.

Upon learning of his skin cancer diagnosis, Rick Simpson remembered the curative powers of medical marijuana and chose to employ it in a more potent manner – cannabis oil. Eager to investigate the antineoplastic properties of cannabinoids, Simpson reviewed an old study and determined he would put its findings into practice. Drawing conclusions from past research that delta-9 THC, delta-8 THC and CBN can slow the growth of Lewis lung adenocarcinoma tumors in mice, Rick was inspired to try a unique approach. He applied powerful cannabis oil to a bandage and placed it over his bumps for four days – fervently looking forward to witnessing the effects!

Removing his bandages, Simpson was in disbelief – the cancerous tumors had vanished! Despite being skeptical, the doctor remained unconvinced; however Simpson now strongly understood cannabis’s curative power to be daunting.

Rick Simpson and His “Healing Cannabis Oil”

After the life-altering experience, Rick began cultivating cannabis in his home and distilled it into a powerful oil now known as “Rick Simpson Oil”. Instead of selling this product for financial gain, he generously offered it free of charge to those struggling with intense pain. It’s estimated that over 5 thousand people have experienced relief from his compassionate gift.

Canada’s medical marijuana program has been a feature since 2001, yet the only access to cannabis available was either growing it at home or buying direct from Health Canada. Buy the distillate and Rick Simpson Oil in Toronto at Uberweedshop online cannabis store. Because of this, Simpson drew attention from law enforcement and endured frequent raids on his residence. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police even destroyed 2,600 plants! Despite all the hardships he faced during his journey so far, Simpson still pushes forward with unwavering dedication towards achieving his mission.

What Is Rick Simpson Cannabis Oil?

People already familiar with marijuana are most likely aware of the intensely potent cannabis oil known as RSO. This extraordinary product is filled to the brim with cannabinoids such as CBG, CBD and CBN, along with an array of terpenes that work together in synergy; producing strong effects. Not only is this oil reportedly successful at relieving symptoms associated with cancer patients (as Rick Simpson Oil promoters claim), it has also been proven effective for a host of other medical conditions!

  • Depression
  • Inflammation
  • Asthma
  • Arthritis
  • MS
  • Infections
  • Insomnia
  • High blood pressure

Have you ever encountered this obscure, viscous black goo? It has the same adhesive texture as tar and can be prepared effortlessly in your own home.

How to Make Rick Simpson Oil

If marijuana is illegal in your state, it’s important to not take the necessary steps for making RSO oil. Additionally, make sure you steer clear of any online retailers who advertise Rick Simpson Oil as available for sale since Mr. Simpson does not sanction these items and there’s no way to tell what ingredients are used within them! With confidence and strict compliance to all relevant laws, you can easily create your own RSO. If you take the necessary safety precautions, it will be a breeze! The results of complete adherence are sure to astonish.


Let’s get started! For Simpson’s tried-and-true method to make the best batch of cannabis, you’ll need a pound of Indica dried marijuana, two gallons of 99% Isopropyl alcohol (or any kind of solvent like butane or ethanol) and some other equipment – a 5-gallon bucket & large container for draining, cheesecloth and wooden spoon, as well as a rice cooker. Once all these items are assembled together let’s start making our perfect batch!

Steps on How to Make Rick Simpson Oil

  1. To ensure you’re getting the most out of your product, fill a bucket with dry cannabis and gradually pour solvent over it until fully covered. Stir and crush the plant material for up to three minutes – guaranteeing that all possible THC has been dissolved in the solvent at an impressive rate of 80%. After this duration elapses, you’ll observe a dramatic increase in cannabinoids being extracted!
  2. Handle the mixture with care and strain it through a cheesecloth into a bowl.
  3. Once you have mixed your concoction for three minutes, transfer it to its original container and add more solvent. Keep stirring until you can barely move your arm – around 3 extra minutes – then pour the contents of the bucket into a bowl. Finally, make sure that nothing is left in the bucket after discarding all residue from it.
  4. To start, fill your rice cooker with solvent until it reaches three-quarters full. Ensure that you turn the appliance on and pay close attention as it heats up – make sure to not exceed 300 degrees Fahrenheit! If this temperature is surpassed, sadly the mixture will be rendered useless and must be thrown away.
  5. To guarantee the most efficient cannabis decarboxylation, your rice cooker should stay at a persistent temperature between 210-230 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal potency.
  • Once the rice cooker has heated up and begun to reduce your mixture, be sure to stir in more of the ingredients.

Ensure the solvent completely evaporates before filling a syringe with your oil. Since Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) tends to be quite thick, it can sometimes be difficult to extract from the syringe – if you find yourself having trouble, try immersing your syringe in warm water which will help make the mixture thinner and enable an easier extraction process.

How to Use Rick Simpson Oil

Before you start using Rick Simpson Oil, please make sure to talk to your doctor first. We can’t confirm its effects but Simpson has recommended a dosage of 60 grams in 12 weeks that needs to be taken gradually until the body builds up tolerance over time. For more information about RSO and how it should be used safely, let’s explore further below:

  • Week 1: For the most effective results, begin with moderation and take small doses of RSO oil at 8-hour intervals throughout the day. This distributes your body’s absorption process evenly over time to receive all its benefits.
  • Weeks 2 –5: To get the most out of RSO, double your dosage two weeks in a row with four-day breaks between increases. Afterward, simply stick to three doses every day for consistent outcomes.
  • Weeks 6 –12: After Week 5, begin to take in one gram of the substance per day. Consistency is key – distribute eight to nine drops (rice-grain sized) every eight hours until all sixty grams have been consumed. Keeping up with this schedule will ensure maximum results!

Few products boast the potency of RSO, but its strong taste can be unpleasant. Thankfully, you can make it more palatable by blending with other foods or spices. Dabbing isn’t a recommended technique as cannabinoids are usually extracted through ethanol or a similar solvent. It’s also common to feel exhausted during your first few weeks consuming this product; however, these feelings should subside once your body adjusts to it. Get RSO fast and easy at Uberweedshop Weed Dispensary! Our mail order marijuana services are available to all customers aged 19 or over, with same day delivery. To maximize the advantages of oil, don’t stop taking it altogether after 13 consecutive weeks; instead, just take a breather and reduce doses while still enjoying its remarkable properties!

Does Rick Simpson Oil Get You High?

Absolutely! RSO is a potent source of THC, typically reaching levels over 20%. There have been reports of people consuming multiple syringes at once and still feeling the effects for more than 24 hours. At Uberweedshop Toronto weed delivery service is dedicated to supplying the highest quality distillates and Rick Simpson Oil available to all customers aged 19 or older across Canada. When cannabis is consumed in its most common form, delta-9 THClasts up to four hours; yet when ingested in a decarboxylated format and converted into 11-hydroxy THC by your liver, caution should be exercised as this incredibly high strength could lead to severe intoxication.

Is Rick Simpson Oil Legal?

RSO oil is not just another regular cannabis product you can find in a dispensary. Instead, it’s an umbrella term used to describe the particular method of making and processing marijuana oil – signifying much more than one single item. If you live in a state with recreational or medical marijuana laws, RSO may be legal for adults above 21. Nevertheless, the legitimacy of cultivating your own cannabis will depend on the specific laws in effect within your locality. At Uberweedshop online cannabis dispensary, we provide only the highest quality distillate and Rick Simpson Oil for purchase – so shop today! It’s always crucial to understand all relevant regulations prior to taking any action when you are pondering creating RSO. It is essential to acknowledge that each state has its own guidelines and regulations when it comes to hemp cultivation. For instance, you may be able to obtain a THC oil concentrate such as RSO from an authorized dispensary near you, but this does not necessarily guarantee the legality of your own personal production or raising plants for the same purpose.

For you to ensure that your actions are in compliance with the law, it is paramount that you comprehend and remain abreast of all cannabis regulations put forth by your state. If you’re considering growing or producing cannabis and its derivatives in a state where it’s lawful, make sure to do your due diligence by researching the relevant laws. If you’re in need of reliable cannabis services around Toronto and the nearby areas, look no further than our online store! We provide top-notch mail order marijuana service as well as same day weed delivery – all just a few clicks away. For instance, people living in California can’t store more than 8 grams of concentrates. It is essential that you keep abreast with recent legislation before crafting your business plan around this product within the limits of local law.

CBD & RSO Oil – What Are the Differences?

The use of both RSO and CBD has skyrocketed, but it is wrong to assume you can make Rick Simpson  CBDoil. There may be some similarities between the two compounds, however there are stark discrepancies too – for example, RSO must have a high THC concentration (up to 60%) while in contrast CBD barely contains any trace of THC. Taking in RSO will bring about intoxication whereas consuming CBD induces no psychotropic effects whatsoever. Though both cannabis and hemp enable the production of CBD, Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), and other cannabinoids such as CBG or CBN, many businesses choose to use hemp for their cannabidiol needs due to its low THC concentration (less than 0.3%). On the contrary, RSO oil can contain up to 6% CBD in addition to various other plant compounds.

Ultimately, most states across the US recognize CBD products; however, RSO is only legal in a handful of jurisdictions. Uberweedshop Toronto weed delivery makes sure everyone has access to these services by allowing those 19 years and older to purchase top quality distillate and Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) right here in Canada!

Medical Research into RSO Oil

Despite its lack of an official designation from the FDA, RSO has been gaining a lot of interest in recent years. Conducting research on marijuana is already tough; trying to authenticate the therapeutic benefits of this homemade solution is even more difficult. In 2013, Simpson and his organization made a remarkable contribution to medical science by helping with producing an extract for review in a precedent-setting case report printed in Case Reports in Oncology – truly groundbreaking! This breakthrough research was exceptionally impactful in its ability to treat an aggressive form of leukemia in a 14-year-old girl. Thanks to their work, the study revealed how cannabinoid resin extracts could be utilized as an effective therapy against cancer cells.

Despite the report’s evidence that a combination of CBD and THC may effectively treat cancer, we must continue to investigate if cannabis has any lasting ill effects on those suffering from cancer after two months into our experiment resulted in an unforeseen gastrointestinal condition leading to its conclusion.

Other Research

To obtain a comprehensive understanding of cannabis and THC, it is critical to investigate the myriad studies analyzing their curative effects. Despite that data on RSO may be limited right now, there are multiple investigations scrutinizing the medicinal benefits of marijuana and its elements. Examining these scientific discoveries more closely can give us invaluable insight.

The groundbreaking research of Scott et al. published in Molecular Cancer Therapeutics reveals a thrilling discovery – combining CBD and THC can significantly boost the effects of radiation therapy, as demonstrated on rodents! If you are looking to experience the amazing benefits of cannabis firsthand, Uberweedshop Toronto’s weed delivery service has exactly what you need. In 2019, Sharafi, He and Nikfarjam conducted a comprehensive review which uncovered that cannabinoids may potentially have anti-cancer properties for those suffering from pancreatic cancer. After analyzing prior findings, their research noted how these compounds could provide much needed relief to individuals undergoing treatments related to this illness.

Although there is still much to uncover about the potency of THC and optimal doses, our Toronto online dispensary provides superior same day weed delivery service. Take advantage of this convenient opportunity today and try RSO!

Rick Simpson Cannabis Oil – Side Effects & Risks

It is important to be cognizant of the potential intoxicating effects THC can have. When using RSO oil, those ingesting it may become more sensitive due to its heightened levels of both CBD and THC, which could lead to unwanted side effects such as:

  • Disorientation
  • Hallucinations
  • Panic attacks
  • Anxiety
  • Paranoia
  • Dizziness
  • Impaired memory
  • Dry eyes
  • Low blood pressure
  • Insomnia
  • Irritability

The dangers of cannabis for children are clear and cannot be underestimated; recent research has revealed the potential long-term effects associated with its consumption by younger users. For example, a study recently published in Current Pharmaceutical Design showed that teens who use marijuana habitually may suffer from more cognitive impairment than those who only consume it occasionally. Many other studies have further demonstrated how using cannabis can disturb brain development in adolescents — making this substance especially hazardous to minors. While RSO has demonstrated a potential to treat skin cancer as evidenced by its creator, extreme caution must be taken and claims about marijuana oil’s capability of curing illnesses including cancer should not be taken for granted. Unfortunately, due to lack of comprehensive research on the subject matter, it is still difficult to make definitive statements regarding cannabis’ medical efficacy. At the Uberweedshop cannabis dispensary near me, customers aged 19 or older may order distillate and Rick Simpson oil online in Toronto. Numerous scientific studies prove that cannabinoids are successful in eliminating the multiplication of cancer cells as well as inducing programmed cell death. The National Library of Medicine’s research displays robust anti-proliferative, chemopreventive, antineoplastic, anti-angiogenic and pro-apoptotic attributes in CBD (a cannabinoid), thus making it a plausible remedy for preventing or even reversing various types of cancers.

Before you make a decision to create your own Rick Simpson Oil, check that it is permitted in the region where you reside. Furthermore, due to its very strong concentration levels, begin by taking a small dose and guarantee that your body can tolerate it before consuming any more if required. Delight in the intense feeling of euphoria that comes with consuming RSO oil, but remember to be mindful of possible short-term side effects. These may include drowsiness, red eyes and occasionally anxiety or paranoia. For maximum pleasure, use responsibly!

FAQ about RSO

With no prior experience in the cannabis industry, how can I choose the right material for my needs?

For novices to marijuana, it is highly recommended that you take somebody knowledgeable in cannabis with you when searching for unregulated growers. This individual ought to be able to establish if the bud material will suffice your expectations. Particularly for Indica varieties of cannabis, which usually bring about a tranquil-like state and lethargy, one can rest assured that they have located suitable bud material for their therapeutic goals.

What Strategies Should I Utilize to Promote Growth?

If you are in need of quick access to cannabis hemp plants, then buying from a local grower could be the best way to go. On the other hand, if budget-friendliness is your major concern, cultivating the plants yourself may save money over time. If you’re just starting out with cultivation, “The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower’s Bible” by Jorge Cervantes or instructional videos available online can give valuable instruction and guidance! Are you in the market for cannabis seed suppliers? Utilizing online resources is a great place to begin your journey. It’s also wise to investigate each strain’s medical benefits, and ideally settle on an Indica strain with a minimum of 20% THC content – this way you’ll gain access to optimal medical advantages.

What is the best way to dry your cannabis buds?

Delicately removing the buds from their stems is just one of many important steps in extracting oil. The next step requires you to place them onto screens and leave them there for 36 hours over a dehumidifier until they are completely dry – then, they’ll be ready to process! However, be aware that throughout this drying period your product can lose its restorative resins if not properly handled with care. To guarantee you reap the complete rewards and therapeutic properties of these oils, take a moment to determine which method is ideal for your needs! There are countless ways to dry out plant material so don’t be shy in discovering something that works optimally with you.

How much oil yield can I anticipate?

When using 30 grams of high-quality bud, expect to produce 4 to 5 grams of top-notch oil. Please bear in mind that the amount may differ depending on the strain you use. When acquiring a pound of excellent cannabis buds, you could yield up to 60 or more grams of premium oil. For some specific strains, they might render higher amounts based on their origin source!