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Order Cannabis Accessories Online in Toronto

Are you in search of top-notch cannabis products? Look no further than Uberweedshop, where we have everything for your marijuana needs – from grinders and rolling papers to apparel and filters. Our dispensary takes pride in offering Canadians an expansive selection of cannabis accessories unmatched by any other store! Whatever it is that you need as far as marijuana items are concerned, our shop will give it right to you.

Smoking cannabis offers a one-of-a-kind high that you simply cannot replicate when consuming edibles or tinctures. You can order cannabis  accessories online at Uberweedshop – Toronto’s best online dispensary with mail order marijuana services. It’s not only an ancient form of consumption but also comes with accessories and tools to further enhance the experience.

If you’re looking for top-of-the-line cannabis accessories, look no further! Our shop is the place to go – from vapes and bongs, we have it all. All that’s needed is a pinch of your favorite strain and get ready to experience luxurious leisurely pleasure! Don’t delay any longer; come explore what true luxury has in store with us today! As you search for marijuana smoking accessories, however, remember to determine which one best suits your needs. Maybe consider going with these options:

  • Smoking Devices
  • Smell-Proofing Devices
  • Wraps
  • Smell-Proof Bags
  • Ashtrays
  • Bong Cleaning Tools
  • Grinders
  • Storage Tools

If you’re a novice when it comes to smoking cannabis, understanding which accessories are necessary can be daunting. Fortunately, this helpful guide will provide an overview of every essential item and how each one can improve your experience! Get ready to uncover the infinite advantages that accompany these products!

What Are The Best Marijuana Smoking Accessories? 

Within the vast selection of accessories, it can be difficult to pinpoint your ideal pick. To make a wise decision while selecting your go-to accessory, we suggest taking an in-depth look at each category and comparing products that are similar to one another. By doing this, you will have all the information necessary for making an informed choice!

Marijuana Smoking Devices

If you’re in search of a fresh way to elevate your cannabis experience, look no further – accessories for your smoke sessions are here! From bongs and blunts to creative smoking devices, the possibilities are infinite. Check out some of today’s most popular items on the market; these products will surely spice up your next session!

  • Bongs
  • Chillums
  • One-Hitters
  • Dab Rigs
  • Vaporizers
  • Vape Carts

What Are Bongs?

Maximize your herbal satisfaction with a bong! Enjoyable, effortless use is guaranteed via advanced water filtration technology. Simply fill the basin up with some ground marijuana, light it up and take a hit – now exhale for an intense high that will leave you feeling wonderfully satisfied. Not only are they easy to handle but quick to clean as well! At Uberweedshop online cannabis dispensary, we offer a great variety of bongs. Could there be anything more perfect? To ensure you stay informed on the latest cannabis trends, it’s critical to understand the fundamentals of bongs – also known as water pipes. Let us provide you with an introduction to this subject matter:

  • If you are looking for a smooth and satisfying smoke, turn to this brand’s top-notch filtration! Every time you take a puff of their premium product, it will give an incomparable smoking experience.
  • Customarily, bongs are crafted from glass; however, if you’re looking for something more resilient to work with, then silicone may be the solution.
  • To ensure a pleasant and fast smoking experience in the confines of your own home, you must have water on hand – it is essential. That said, these items are simply indispensable for smoke-cooking at home!
  • Possessing such objects may be considered as drug-related items, which might lead to legal repercussions. Therefore, they are a risky choice for travelers or those anxious about being arrested in countries where it is illegal.

What Are Chillums?

If you are searching for a straightforward and undetectable way to smoke herbs, chillums could be the perfect answer. These portable pipes, known as bowls also, come in various styles and materials like glass – just like bong. But they are much more compact than larger smoking tools; plus use them very similarly to your traditional tobacco pipe! In addition to convenience comes simplicity so don’t let go of what chillums can provide now? Here is everything that you need to know about chillums:

  • Now, you can snag a chic chillum in just a few clicks- all for only $20! An unbeatable offer that should not be missed.
  • Whether you’re searching for glass, stone or silicone materials – don’t look any further! You have an array of options to choose from.

Bowls are the perfect accessory if you’re looking to quickly and discreetly enjoy a smoke. Just throw them into your bag, they won’t take up much space at all! Whether it’s for traveling or just a quick break from work, their compact size and portability make bowls an ideal choice for smoking any time – anywhere.

What Are One-Hitters?

Are you searching for a quick and simple way to enjoy all the benefits of cannabis? Look no further than one-hitters – slender pipes that look like cigarettes, yet are made specifically for single use. Not only do they come with special dugout boxes to store your herb, but they’re also incredibly easy to use! So why not join us today on our journey through the world of one-hitters? We have all the information you need right here!

  • If you’re looking for an economical option, then the one-hitter fits like a glove. Even more advanced models rarely exceed $35 – that’s outstanding value!
  • Not only are one-hitters easy to carry on the go, but they can also be camouflaged with cigarettes from afar. As a result, you don’t need to worry about being noticed when using them!
  • With their durability and dependability, stone and glass quartz one-hitters have distinguished themselves as the go-to option for discriminating smokers in comparison to other materials.

What Are Dab Rigs?

Get ready to revolutionize your smoking experience with dab rigs! These tools are specifically engineered for the use of shatter or wax and require only a blowtorch, heat-resistant glassware, and your desired material. Simply swipe it across the surface after heating up; inhale deeply and savor every puff filled with rich flavor. At Uberweedshop online cannabis store, we are proud to offer lots of dab rigs for you. To make sure you’re knowledgeable about all things related to dab rigs, let’s review these essential facts:

  • If you’re not mindful, buying a dab rig could put a serious dent in your wallet! In fact, these rigs are among the most costly cannabis setups on the market – with many costing several hundred dollars or more.
  • If you’re looking for a truly exceptional experience, dabbing is the way to go. This consumption method promises an unforgettable journey!
  • Looking for a revolutionary experience? Crystallized THC over wax is sure to take you on an unforgettable journey. Get ready – your escape awaits!

Transporting these bulky and fragile items is impossible without a specific protective container, while their sheer size prohibits the possibility of remaining hidden.

Dab Rig Accessories

For both veteran dab rig smokers and those just starting out, three essential products can help elevate the experience: dabbers, mats, and torch lighters. Keep reading for more important details you’ll need!

  • Don’t settle for average! When you’re determined to achieve the perfect wax, a blow torch is necessary. Lighters simply do not provide enough heat and will never give you the results that you desire. Invest in an effective blow torch today and guarantee success every time!
  • If you’re looking to maximize your vaping experience, then a dabber is an absolute must-have. Dabbers are crafted out of metal and help protect your hands from the hot pieces as well as add wax for richer flavor. Without doubt, they play a huge part in making any session far more successful!

An investment in a dab mat is always wise – not only does it provide an extra layer of protection, but it can also help to avert any possible damage or burns. It’s certainly worth the money!

What Are Vaporizers?

Don’t worry if the idea of vaping is intimidating to you; vaporizer are simply sophisticated gadgets that use high temperatures to convert cannabis into a vaporous form, allowing every puff to provide all its advantages. At Uberweedshop online weed dispensary, we offer a great variety of vape pens. As opposed to old-fashioned smoking methods which would burn your herbs, this method warms up your herb without getting it lit – bringing an unprecedented experience. Before you decide to purchase a vaporizer, it’s essential that you consider these facts:

  • Vaporizers are truly cutting-edge pieces of equipment; they possess the capability to work with various types of cannabis, from herbs and waxes to a variety of forms of THC. Every vaporizer is designed distinctively, making them perfect for specific kinds or oil; some can even manage different strains at once! The versatility these products offer you will absolutely revolutionize your smoking experience.
  • Bidding farewell to pungent odors is now easier than ever; vaping cannabis produces no unpleasant smells like burning it would. All that’s left behind is odorless vapour, offering nothing but pleasure!
  • Looking for discretion while vaping? Look no further than vaporizers! These devices are designed to look just like regular e-cigarette vape boxes, making it easy for you to stay under the radar. So if remaining undetected is your goal, then a vaporizer gives you exactly what you need.

Purchasing a vaporizer may seem expensive at first, with prices ranging from $150 to $400. However, these devices are built for reliability and longevity while also giving you the opportunity to customize your vaping experience through adjustable heat settings so that you can truly enjoy it. It’s definitely worth investing in one!

What Are Genius Pipes?

Are you looking for a new and exciting smoking experience? Look no further than genius pipes – the revolutionary combination of bongs, chillums, and vaporizers. With just your lighter in tow, ignite these bad boys up for an extended session without needing water filtration! Plus with their recent launch into the market they’re even more thrilling! Here’s all the important information that you need to know:

  • If you require convincing, simply inquire Tommy Chong! He is sure to tell you how invaluable this really is – and with such a hefty cost tag comes indisputable value. If that isn’t enough motivation for your opinion, we can only imagine what else would be necessary for persuasion!
  • Not only are they easy to care for, but also remarkably long-lasting. Just swap out the filter and you’ll be good as new in no time – guaranteeing unbeatable performance!
  • By tapping into their understanding of nuclear science, Genius Pipes have crafted a cooling technology that is as powerful and effective as the top-of-the-line system installed in nuclear reactors.

If you desire the best flavor experience with cannabis, your search has come to a close! This remarkable product will tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving more. Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind opportunity!

Smell-Proofing Devices

If you are determined to smoke marijuana in your apartment, be aware that the smell could linger and spread beyond the boundaries of your home. To avoid any unnecessary stress with either law enforcement or eviction notices from a displeased landlord, we highly recommend investing in scent-proofing technology! Not only will it make everyone around you happy – but also keep yourself free from any hassle.

We offer a lot of wraps and rolling trays available with mail order marijuana service at Uberweedshop online cannabis dispensary.

Wraps and Rolling Trays

Learning the correct way to roll a joint is essential for anyone wanting to use wraps, which are also known as blunt wraps or rolling papers. Wraps are specifically designed for those who wish to construct their own “cannabis cigarette”. With dedication and knowledge, everyone can easily use them efficiently. Best marijuana in Toronto available with weed delivery Uberweedshop at our dispensary near me. If you’re operating on a tight budget when it comes to cannabis consumption, wraps may not be the best choice for you since they need more product than alternatives such as one-hitters and bongs. Nonetheless, with so many options available, you can rest assured that there is an ideal wrap for your individual needs.

  • Rolling your own blunt wrap is not only the most cost-effective decision, it’s more accessible than other forms of smoking paper! Regardless if you are a dab hand or just starting out, this approach to rolling blunts offers an array of advantages.
  • If you’re a beginner looking to try smoking, Pre-Rolled Joints are the perfect option for you. Not only do they come already equipped with a filter tip for convenience, but their stylishly crafted design adds sophistication compared to other options on the market. Though slightly pricier than alternative products out there, these joints offer the best ease of access and convenience that make them well worth every penny!

Don’t wait any longer! Look through our vast selection of wraps and find the perfect one for you. From hemp to clear-flavored, we have options that suit every taste. Experience premium quality with your favorite smoking wrap today!

Do I Need A Rolling Tray?

Rolling trays are a far better option than anything else, such as books or plates. These rolling trays make it simple to store your wraps and cannabis for convenient access anytime you need to roll up that joint! Our Toronto’s online cannabis store provides best mail order marijuana and same day weed delivery service. Plus, they give off an elegant vibe on any countertop – making them the perfect addition to any setup.

Don’t miss out on the incredible opportunity to receive a complimentary rolling tray when you place an extensive order with one of our top-notch wrap companies! It’s part of their generous gift set and makes for an invaluable freebie that is sure to add value.

Should I Get A Roach Clip?

Looking to make the most out of your smoking experience? Then you’ll want to invest in a roach clip! These nifty gadgets provide small pincers that can firmly grip onto joints so nothing is wasted. With this, you get an enjoyable journey with no smoke going unused– don’t wait any longer and pick up one now for yourself!

Style and discretion come together with this fashionable necklace. Whether you are looking for an understated piece or something more ornate, there is a design to fit your style. And best of all, now you can always have your rolling papers handy! If you’re a regular joint smoker, don’t miss out on the perfect way to accessorize while keeping those joints close-at-hand in secretly stylish fashion.

Smell-Proof Bags

When you need to transport marijuana or cannabis accessories, discretion is key! That’s why smell proof bags are here to help. These fantastic products assist in controlling and containing any odors from your items during travel, so that you don’t have to be concerned about the scent revealing what you’re carrying with you. Order cannabis online at our Toronto’s Best Online Dispensary using weed delivery service. Invest in a smell-proof bag today for peace of mind when bringing marijuana on the go! Are you seeking the perfect smell-proof bag for your travels, storage needs, and beyond? Look no further! We have sizes and shapes to satisfy even the most particular preferences – from popular options like:

  • Discard any worries of carrying cannabis around with the assistance of Smell-proof baggies. These tiny and affordable plastic bags, which can be purchased for as low as $20 per pack, will keep all your items shielded and safe while you’re traveling! Forget about any embarrassing odors or unnecessary issues – Smell-proof baggies are here to protect your privacy.
  • Indulging in a Smell-Proof Padded Pipe Carrying Case is an absolute necessity for your bong, chillum, dab rig or any other smoking device. Although it can be more expensive than regular backpacks, the case will definitely pay off! These bags and cases are designed to last while also providing optimal scent control so that you can bring along your items with complete serenity. What’s more, they are tough enough to guard against accidental drops – ideal if you’re constantly on the go!

What Should I Look For In Smell-Proof Bags?

When deciding on the perfect bags for your marijuana products, you can be confident in knowing that no matter which choice you make, there is minimal to zero distinction in quality. At Uberweedshop we offer same day weed delivery and same day weed delivery for all customers at age off 19. Plastic drug baggies are renowned for their dependability and trustworthiness—it’s a stress-free decision! With the vast number of odor-blocking bags designed specifically for cannabis products, it can be difficult to decide which one is best suited for your needs. To make selecting a bag easier, consider these vital characteristics: from single item or multi-piece varieties –you’ll want to make sure that whatever choice you pick meets all your requirements.

  • Though it may be known as “smell-proof,” a backpack alone might not always be able to disguise the strong smell of marijuana – no matter how odorless you feel your product is. Nonetheless, “smell-proof” ensures that any scent will remain tightly sealed and hidden away! The label informs you all that’s required for keeping your stash out of sight from prying eyes. With this backpack, there’ll be no need to worry about anyone discovering what’s inside!
  • Not only does this bag protect your items from harm, but its cushioning serves as a reliable shield against any undesirable smells. With the supplemental padded protection and odor-blocking material, everything in your suitcase -including odors – is secure whilst traveling!
  • Crafted using resilient fabric and strengthened seams, this bag will not only withstand the weight of your belongings but also retain its shape. No more worrying about a weak tote disintegrating when you least expect it – rest assured that with this sturdy option, your items are safe!
  • To avoid unnecessary attention, opt for bags with more sophisticated designs that don’t have cannabis leaves or any other overt marijuana references. This way you can remain secure and discreet in even legal states – much better than risking being incriminated by an eyesore of a bag!


Joint smokers, if you’re searching for an efficient way to maintain the tidiness of your smoking space then look no further! An ashtray is a great solution and can be purchased for only $6-$15 in various designs. If you possess a chillum pipe, consider investing in Poke-A-Bowl ashtrays as they are specifically designed with your needs in mind – equipped with a poker included to easily remove any caked residue from the bowl. Don’t just take our word for it – give these handy devices a shot and discover why they are so invaluable!

Bong And Pipe Cleaning Tools

To ensure an optimal experience every single time, never forget to clean your marijuana smoking pipe! Regularly cleansing the pipe is necessary for maximum flavor and effortless inhalation. If unsanitary residue builds up in between uses, this can lead to a less enjoyable taste and more difficult draws with each inhale. Maintaining pleasureful hits requires regular maintenance – don’t be afraid of dedicating just a few minutes here and there; it’s definitely worth it!

The upkeep of a clean home is an absolute must, so it’s beneficial to have the necessary items for this purpose. Fortunately, these products can be found at any department store.

Do I Need Pipe Cleaners?

No matter the smoking device, pipe cleaners are an absolute necessity when it comes to keeping things clean and well maintained. From pipes to one-hitters – these elementary school art kit throwbacks come in all shapes and sizes; thus guaranteeing you can find something that works with your choice of smoker! If you’re looking for affordable and top-notch crafting materials to make your projects a reality and provide lasting entertainment, pipe cleaners are the answer! For as little as $20, you can get an extensive set of these creative tools – guaranteeing hours upon hours of amusement.

Do I Need Pipe Cleaning Solvents?

Cannabis smokers seeking to clean their glassware can forget about using Formula 409 – after all, there are specialty solvents such as Formula 420 and Orange Chronic Cleaner tailor-made for the job! These unique formulas are far more effective than regular household cleaners when it comes to tackling residue and grime. Get ready to experience superior cleaning power with these industry favorites!

If you’re searching for an efficient and hassle-free way to clean your smoking apparatus, then specialty cleaners are the solution. At Uberweedshop we proudly offer mail order marijuana (MOM) to Toronto and all Canadian provinces – including British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and beyond. Although these products range from $15-$35, they can be a great asset if there’s a nasty taste in your sessions – significantly more effective than other available solutions! Investing in one of those may just be what you need for a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Do I Need Sponges?

You have the power to choose your own cleaning method for your ashtray – no need to stick with tradition and use a conventional sponge.

Do I Need Pokers?

Never worry about the cleanliness of your chillum, pipe or any other smoking instrument again! Utilizing a poker to dispose of residue and deposits should be more than enough for most devices. However, if you prefer an easier option, there are also ashtrays available that do just as great a job as pokers – making cleaning any type of device effortless no matter what kind it is!


Grinders are an essential tool for smoking your herbs. These grinders have sharp teeth and multiple levels, making it incredibly easy to break down the buds into pieces. Simply insert the amount of herb you need into the grinder and give it a turn – that’s all! In no time at all, you’ll have perfectly ground up buds without any hassle or difficulty. Raise your marijuana experience to a higher plane with these powerful and long-lasting grinders that are made from superior materials like aluminum and titanium. Uberweedshop Toronto weed delivery service offers best cannabis accessories for all customers at age off 19 and over in Canada. Not only can you find Kief stored in stainless steel grinders, but also constructed out of the most luxurious components for an even more advanced quality.

On a tight budget? Don’t worry – you can still find grinders that won’t break the bank! Starting as low as $5, these options perform well despite their small price tag.

Do I Need A Grinder?

If you’re a true cannabis enthusiast, then investing in a grinder is essential. Not only does it make the process of breaking down nuggets into smaller pieces easier and more efficient, but also provides secure storage for your herb without any mess or spillage risk.

If you don’t consume cannabis regularly, then purchasing a grinders may not be important to you. Nevertheless, if flowers are a part of your routine, investing in one should be an absolute priority – it’s simply too critical of a step to ignore.

What About Grinder Pens?

Say goodbye to manual grinders and hello to the revolutionary grinder pen! This electric handheld device crushes herbs quickly with a single button press. Plus, it has an easy-release funnel feature for effortless dispensing of perfectly ground herb. Our online weed dispensary provides top-toch the same day weed delivery for you to enjoy the best cannabis accessories.Though luxury items may be pricier than others and come with potential quality control issues, their admirers are dedicatedly devoted in their loyalty towards them. The grinders pen is perfect for those seeking convenience without sacrificing precision – get your hands on one today!

Storage Tools

Are you having trouble keeping your belongings organized in one place? Don’t worry, there are solutions for that! Here are some helpful tools to consider:

  • Investing in Padded Bong Cases is an absolute must for any devoted smoker. Not only do these cases shield against breakage, but they also preserve the freshness of your collection from odors escaping – we promise it! Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to protect and take pride in what you love most — trust us, you won’t be disappointed!
  • The perfect way to preserve your cannabis and have it taste great for long periods of time? Cannadors! It’s like a cigar humidor but customized exclusively with the ideal humidity level just right for your marijuana. Enjoy the fresh flavor, longer.
  • When looking for the perfect storage solution to keep goods safe and fresh, Vacuum Containers are your go-to choice! Unrivaled in quality compared to other containers, their airtight sealing technology blocks anything that could affect the taste or smell of whatever you store inside. Your food will be safeguarded from any external influences with these top-notch vacuum canisters!
  • If you’re curious about what a stash box is, here’s the scoop: These artfully designed containers are crafted to appear like everyday items such as cans, books and coffee mugs – offering a covert area for protecting your treasured belongings.

What Are Padded Bong Cases?

Padded bong cases are the perfect safeguard to secure your water pipes and smoking apparatuses while you’re on-the-go. While they may not always be able to prevent odors, their primary purpose is to keep your items fully protected at all times.

If you’re shopping for an exquisite bong case, the price range could be anywhere from $50 to a hefty $150. Buy accessories online with Uberweedshop weed delivery online. At first glance, that may seem expensive; however, it’s worth spending on! These hard-shell cases not only provide extra protection but can even be locked – making them truly invaluable.

What Are Cannadors?

If you enjoy the finer things in life, such as a high-quality cigar, then you know how essential humidors are. Now cannabis connoisseurs can relish this same luxurious indulgence with Cannadors! Not only do they come in various woods and include stylish glass jars to store your goods but also special compartments for smoking necessities. Treat yourself to an exquisite combination of fashion and convenience – choose Cannadors today!

Cannadors are essential for anyone who understands the importance of storing their cannabis correctly. You can find an excellent Cannador suiting any budget, ranging from $20 to $100 depending on size and type of wood!

What Are Vacuum Containers?

To ensure your cannabis stays fresh and protected while being transported or stored for the long term (6+ months), vacuum containers are the most reliable option. With their secure designs, airtight lids, and sturdy construction, you can trust that your stash will remain in prime condition no matter how much time passes! Investing in a premium storage solution is guaranteed to protect your goods all year round.

Are you on the hunt for an affordable vacuum container to shield your cannabis? Look no further! Mason jars with locking lids are just what you need without compromising quality. Uberweedshop Toronto weed delivery service offers best accessories for all customers at age off 19 and over in Canada. You can buy entire sets or individual pieces ranging from $10-$30, so why not make a wise investment in something reliable and cost-effective? Start saving money while shopping for vacuum containers today through mason jar alternatives.

What Are Stash Boxes?

For years, stash boxes have been the go-to solution for thousands who wanted to discreetly store cannabis products without worrying about potential legal repercussions. Created out of sheer necessity and convenience, these innovative items helped save a multitude from experiencing prison time due to their discreteness and ease of use. Stash boxes are more than just a symbol in the cannabis world – they serve an invaluable purpose that should not be overlooked!

Stash boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from the usual book or house item disguises to airtight containers that mask the scent of your cannabis. Buy cannabis accessories online with Uberweedshop weed delivery online. Not only are these cleverly disguised storage solutions inconspicuous, but they also don’t take up more space than an energy drink can!

Do I Need A Stash Box?

If safeguarding your privacy is a priority, investing in a stash box should be non-negotiable. These boxes are designed for maximum security, meaning that only those with the designated access will ever have it – regardless of the legality of any items stored inside! Stash boxes offer complete peace of mind when it comes to protecting all kinds of possessions.

Do I Need A Locking Storage Container?

Spending a bit more for a secure storage device with an integrated locking system is certainly worth it – not only will this ensure that your valuables are safe from prying eyes, but also protected against potential theft.